10 ways to get more exercise without exercising

We get it, you’re busy! Making time to fit in regular exercise has to be a priority if you want to be fitter and healthier. If you don’t make time, there will never be enough time. In the meantime, here are some ways you can be more active in your daily life and include more incidental exercise into your week.

1. Always take the stairs instead of the lift. Wherever you have a choice between stairs and escalator, take the stairs. Do not get on the travellator – walk instead.

2. Get off at the bus stop / train station one stop early and walk the rest of the way.

3. Park in the furthest car park at the supermarket instead of trying to find the closest park. Not only will you get more exercise, you'll reduce your chances of car door dings!

4. Choose a shopping basket instead of a trolley for small supermarket shops.

5. Stand up when talking on the phone.

6. Recruit a colleague to walk with you at lunchtime.

7. Ride your bike to work.

8. Set a calendar alarm or an alarm on your phone to get up from your desk once per hour.

9. Get out of your chair without using your hands.

10. Do abdominal bracing exercises in the car each time you're stopped at the lights.

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